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Hey guys! Come on in and find out a little bit about me so you will know that I am the right Orange County escort for you. My name is Ushi and I have been an escort in Orange County for a while. Being an escort is such a great way to have fun and stay active. Plus, guys like you make it such a great and different experience each time and there are no two experiences that are alike.

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Tell me what you are into and I will gear your night in Orange County toward exactly what you want. If you want to know a little about what I’m into, I love music. I especially love rock and have been known to rock out from time to time. I get along great with rocker guys, but I get along great with just about any guys.

I have the type of personality that men like to be around. I don’t complain. I don’t act passive or bored. I’m not flaky. I try to have a good time everywhere I go and when I spend time with you, that good time is on your terms. You call the shots and it’s up to me, as your escort, to provide the sexiness and make the night the closest to your idea of a great night as possible.

It’s not just my job, I love to make you happy. I know there are many other escorts that you could have picked and I will make sure to show my appreciation. I like when I really connect with a man and we become instant friends and have a good time hanging out. The best thing about having me as your escort, you can always rest assured that there will be benefits. I also like to see that look in a man’s eyes when he sees me nude for the first time. I will do a sensual striptease for you when we get back to your room that will surpass anything we do the entire night. I hope that is the way you will feel anyway.

I am more than just an escort. I try my best to exceed even your highest expectations. Call the number below and ask for me. There are many Orange County escorts out there that you could pick, but there is only one me. Let’s get our night started sexy. See ya!

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