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Would you like me to bring some toys?

Hey there boys. I’m Raven. I’m an Orange County escort for the guys who like dark hair and a fiery personality. You will also like me if you are into girls who love the attention of men so much that they are willing to use just about every talent and sexy feature they have just to make sure the man they are with goes home with a big smile on his face. A lot of Orange County escorts like what they do, but I absolutely love it!

I am sure you will be happy that you chose me to be your escort!

Being an escort allows me to really explore Orange County and learn about all the great things to do at night so I can show the guys I am with, some places he may not have heard of before. I also love being an escort because I am adored by men. They really appreciate what I do for them on our night out and it makes me want to do even more for them.

I used to be shy before I started working as an exotic dancer in a lot of the strip clubs in Orange County. Dancing and taking my clothes off for men really helped me be a more open person. It also helped me develop the great body that you see in my pictures. I have danced in my fair share of strip clubs and I have my own technique of giving an erotic dance that will make your head spin. I enjoy being with you just as much as you enjoy having me as your escort because it makes me happy to see the man I am with having a good time.

Would you like me to bring some toys that we can play with when we get back to the room? You might like them so much that you will just want to stay in your room. I am okay with that. It’s fun going out and dancing at all the clubs or having drinks, but it can be even more fun alone in your room. We can dance and listen to music there as well, but we will have a private place where I can strip for you.

No matter what way you decide to spend our night together, I am sure you will be happy that you chose me to be your escort, but we can’t be together unless you call. Ask for me so we can start our night together. 

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