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Image is everything in Southern Cali.

Hi. I’m Dakota and want to be your escort in Orange County. You are here because you want the best Orange County escorts. I have blue eyes and nice boobs that people can’t stop staring at. I work out in order to look good for you and I’m blessed with a nice ass. I am fashion conscious because in the course of my work I get to attend high profile and exclusive events so it helps to have a good sense of fashion.

The business of pleasure is a talent.

Escorts make the world go round. And that is why I chose this job and why I love it. As escorts, we put smiles on the faces of clients. And as if that is not enough, escorts enable clients to be themselves, not feel judged and throw out their inhibitions which often hinder them from having fun.

I love traveling and if you want an escort who can travel, then you found her. I enjoy dancing as well, and have a flexible body to boot. When we hit the club and you see me gyrate my hips, you will be lost for words. And other men will be envious of you. You will love it even more if it is a company event or a social event such as a movie, dinner or a party. However, if you want to stay back and unwind in the hotel, I will make sure that you have the best time in the hotel. And if you want sumptuous food, I can make you lick your fingers.

I’m one of the Orange County escorts who offer all inclusive services. I like escorting girls, couples and men as well. The experience is out of this world. I also enjoy sports, and if you love sports, you will have fun with me by your side. We do not have to separate hanging out together from you watching sports or attending sports. We can do it together and have a blast.

The escort scene in Orange County is vibrant and the escorts are some of the best you can find. This is beneficial to you because you are sure to find top notch services from Orange County escorts. Whether you are new to Orange County, you are a native, you are new to the escort scene or you are a regular, I have something to offer you and I’m looking forward to having a fantastic time with you.

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